Sunday December 20, 2020

Discussion created by CathyC1332 on Dec 20, 2020
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Counting sleep time, I made not smoking 14 hours. I got up and did other things rather than my daily smoking routine.  I am getting a new routine in place. Then pretty much just sat and cried.  I finally got myself focused on a project.  I don't like the withdrawals.  I am half way through Allen Cars book and finding it extremely interesting.  He says keep smoking while reading and then when done with the book make a decision.  I think I will make a favorable choice and quit smoking.  I KNOW by slowly quitting I am prolonging the inevitable and yes I am making excuses. I don't  want or need lectures at this time. His writing hits right at home about fear, losing my best friend, not being able to live without a cigarette.  I am finally getting a new perspective as to why I smoke and is a cigarette really the friend I  think it is. Pretty cool.  I can and will quit smoking.  My new quit date is January 1, 2021.