Quitting ahead of schedule

Discussion created by Moiph on Dec 21, 2020
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Hi all,

I was kicking around internet looking for information on black market cigarettes (how to identify so as to avoid them) when I bumped into this site. I reluctantly joined, setting 12/28 as a quit date. I really was a doubting Thomas. Well as soon as I made an even half-hearted attempt to quit, my inner addict panicked and my smoking frequency slowly increased. A couple weeks of that and I got a sore throat and painful ear ache which sent me flying to an EN&T doc.

Turned out to be a type of reflux irritating my throat but sitting in doctor's chair with his probe down my throat put the fear of God into me. I had stopped smoking at the onset of the ear ache and sore throat but such is the fear and clarity that I have not resumed. So my 12/28 date has been moved up to 12/14 which annoys my addict but I guess that's to be expected. I just wanted to chime in and share, I know how effective it can be.

Thanks you

Mr. Green