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Discussion created by vlxedits on Dec 15, 2020
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I quit weed for 9 months, came back to vaping nic for three months


I quit nic for three months, came back to nic for a few weeks


Quit for a month, came back for a week


Quit for 3 weeks, now Ive been back for two days.


My dad is severely addicted to vaping and it's all over the house. My brother does it, his friends do it, my friend online does it. I see people doing it in tv shows, video games, my favorite rapper does it.


So now it's day 1.5 and I've already vaped 10ml or so. Stomach feels like ****. Feeling ashamed of myself.


Only reason I started was cause I feel like a loser. I keep waking up for an hour and having no idea what I woke up for, so I immediately want to go back to sleep.


So I thought, **** it, just vape. So I stole my dads.


Gonna quit again, just don't know why I should do it.