Into the toolbox it goes

Discussion created by Maki on Dec 4, 2020
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2020 by elvan

One of my favourite distractions in my first months of my quit was the good old ping pong ball . It was relatively not dangerous lol.

 I could throw it against a blank wall either in my house or inside my garage against the door without damage .. a baseball bat not a good idea unless your sure your going to be very careful lol . 

I had to focus on the ping pong ball more than my thoughts of smoking . I turned the music up loud in an effort to block the rattle in my head that screamed addiction . I'd bounce or paddle the ping pong ball backnforth backnforth  . I so wished I had the table too , and someone to play against lol . 

I now think a yo yo might also be a good distraction as well , or if you have a badket ball and hoop . If your able to , take a shot at it . Good excersise and if you have kids well hey they can teach mom and dad the tricks . This is an afterthought , but I  wish it would have been on my tools list too . If you have kids and are quitting invest in some badminton rackets, board games . Get them involved , they'll love you for it . 

Anyway , I'm sure everyone has their tools too that works for them .. the ideas just keep getting bigger and better .. much better than smoking . Be creative, find a tool that works for you .