A Holiday Wish to you

Discussion created by Ralph1955 on Dec 7, 2020
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Well hello my special friends.  I wish each of you, from my Heart, a blessed and wonderful Holiday Season.  We've all been through a lot and traveled so many roads to get to where we are today.  I feel blessed to have each of you in my life helping me on my personal journey.  

With 2020 coming to an end (thank God), I always seem to reflect on the soon ending year.  This year, unlike others, is quite different for each of us.  It has been a year filled with sadness, of despair and anxiety.  This was not a year to celebrate with family and friends nor what it a year to travel on vacation for most of us but, We are here and doing our part to stay safe and healthy.  It has been a year of isolation and being mindful of our surroundings.

As I think back to everything that has happened, I pray the new year will bring not only Peace but togetherness; to see a world where Race is not an issue and that all of us respect one another, help one another and bring in the new year with Love, Peace and Joy.

Be safe, be loved and stay strong and Always remember we conquered the smoke demon and will conquer everything else that comes our way.

Love and Hugs,

From Lucy

and Mabel.