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What would U like for the Daily Pledge this December month?

Question asked by Giulia Champion on Nov 29, 2020
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2020 by Giulia

I've asked in the the past if any Elder - or anyone really with a substantial quit in hand - would like to take on the Daily Pledge page.  Nobody has offered.  (Several Elders have taken on this monthly page in the past and I certainly wouldn't ask them to do so again.  They've paid it forward already.  And many are continuing to pay it forward by doing daily or weekly blogs of their own.)   And I'm kind of out of ideas here.  And I don't particularly feel that the content I've put up for the Pledge is that involving, interesting, motivating of late....   So since no one has offered to take it over, I'm asking what you'd like to hear about, or discuss or have me address as a 14 year Elder.  I'm not too interested in "those events that happen in the  month of December."  That I can easily put up.  That's copy and paste stuff.  But I'm more interested in topics that relate to quitting.  Or promising, committing, steadfastness.... you get the idea.  Or a topic that hasn't been addressed before.  


Obviously the Pledge Page is simply that, a page in which we promise not to smoke, but I like to start out each month with a new thought about it.  Pledging, to my mind, shouldn't be mindless, by rote, daily "thank you for you hand, I promise not to, holding out my hand to the next..."  Where is the personal connection in that?  


Hmmm.  Maybe that's the topic.  Got it. 




All ideas are welcome..