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Question asked by Adventures on Nov 28, 2020
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2020 by elvan

Good evening everyone on here,


I started using dipping tobacco 9 years ago. I started off light, and it eventually grew to a bad habit. I kept this habit going to a point in which my dipping was causing my allergies to form out of nowhere and I’d start to get sick. After 4 years I was able to quit up for roughly 6 months. Over a camping trip, I did it “because I was drinking” and “only once”... It obviously wasn’t just once. I kept that going for another 4 years. I was with a friend and let me try “zyn”. I was able to swallow, it was a lot more convenient, etc. I’ve been doing ZYN6 pouches, roughly 10-15 a day. It’s been really screwing with my throat, and I’m just tired of getting health issues from an awful and expensive habit. Currently, I was able to switch to ZYN3, and stay off of it for 4 days so far. This is because I went away with my significant other and I don’t do it when we’re together.

the temptation, even with my throat hurting, is nearly unbearable. I’m making excuses to myself like, “maybe I’ll just get 1 can”. 
I truly need motivation, help, or something. I’ve come to you guys. Any support would be very appreciated. 9 years is a long time. Even with short periods of quitting at times, I’m struggling to do it again.