Discussion created by Suzinut on Nov 28, 2020
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First, thank you all who have been asking for me and checking in on me.  I will be honest and admit I have been smoking like 5 cigarettes a day.  I have been taking them from my boyfriend.  This has been going on for 5 days.  I finally came clean with my daughter who is my reason to quit.  She is 15 and actually started to cry.  Talk about feeling the lowest a person can ever feel.  I feel like a big piece of crap.  But here I am starting again.  I promised her and I cannot go back on a promise I make to my daughter.  I can give a slew of excuses why I smoked but why bother.  There is never a good reason to light up.  NEVER.  So I start again, today, as day 1.  Had almost 50 days and threw it all away.  So totally disgusted with myself...I am very sad, anxious and stressed for many reasons, but no reason to smoke.  It wont make things better.  So hello again everyone....My name is Susan....please to meet you.....