Light bulb moment

Discussion created by DonnaMarie on Nov 12, 2020
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2020 by virgomama

So, I was thinking last night about my activity level. I hate to be still. The conclusion I kind of came to is that maybe when I was smoking, it was also a way to be still. Sort of like self-medication. It never dawned on me until now that my hyperactivity (at 65 years old!) was tampered by sitting or standing while smoking. 


(I was gonna put a picture of a light bulb here, but seems like I can't get pictures to upload right now.)


On another note, here I am, still quit and still active. I walk almost every day, I sew, I do this, I do that, and still don't like to sit around doing nothing. LOL No more self-medication, though.



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