Do Something Else

Discussion created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Nov 3, 2020

~~Do something today that your future self will thank you for.~~  Unknown


So what to do when you feel like smoking?  Something else  

Seriously.  Whether it is sticking your head in a freezer to 'cool off' or snapping a rubber band around your wrist or blowing bubbles or chewing gum or hiking or running or reading a book or laughing or dancing or painting your nails or gardening.....just do something else.  Something you enjoy.  Something that distracts you.  Or something you don't enjoy so you begin to associate smoking with something unpleasant.

All you have to do is something else.  Anything else.  Thoughts don't equate actions so never give yourself permission to smoke because you can't get your mind off it.  Do something else.

Involve other people as well.  Your 'support system'.  Have them remind you how pretty you smell.  Or have them remind you how healthy you look.  Or have them remind you of the COPD you are battling.  Or have them remind you to do something else.

Use your coping skills, use your supports, use anything you need to so you remain smoke free.  Because it does get easier....once you believe it does.  It does get better...once you believe it does.  It does pass....once you believe it does.

Quitting is as simple as not smoking...but is still hard.  Give yourself a break and do something else.

What did you use to quit smoking?  You may help someone else if you're willing to share