Quitting so easy a baby can do it...

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From the archives of my friend JWG, the Invisible Man at QSMB... He kept us laughing   .  Some of the pictures went away, but I think I found appropriate new ones.  Most are ones he posted.


Posted 06 April 2011 - 12:20 AM

Day One:
I just quit smoking and I love IT
So far NO problems.. i dont know why folks say this is SO hard,, peice of cake. if you ask me

Day Two:
um,, maybe its not my time to quit.. I think quitting is bullschit if you ask me

Day Three
I said ‘STFU’ open that pie hole one more time, I just might rip your head off,, did you hear me that time

Day Four
doing pretty good.. just feeling A little odd and wondering when I will be getting back to normal

Day Five:
if it aint tied down Im eating it and
I think I might be gaining a little weight.. maybe Ill join a gym

Day Six
just a quick question..
has anyone else experienced gas

Day seven
feeling pretty good ,, hell week is about over I am ready for heck week ,, bring it on baby

And before you know it..
Hey Nicodemon: kiss my ass


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