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Discussion created by sammyjane on Sep 30, 2020
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So I am 44 and have been a smoker since I was 16.... yeah I know that is a ridiculously long time to be stuck with this habit.  My husband thinks I quit smoking and he even thinks that the vape I still use has no nicotine, hate to say it but it was easier to just lie to him than to listen to his screaming at me to just admit I like smoking and that I don't want to quit etc... He gave up dipping so he thinks he has some supreme right to berate me and treat me like a child over a habit I had long before he came along. So now with all that confession out of the way I am on my second day of taking Chantix ( still smoking & vaping)  I am optimistic about my odds of quitting for good this time but I know me and I know that I am going to need an outlet or a friend to talk to and as mentioned above talking to my husband or any of our friends  is not an option so I am hoping to be able to rely on this community of others going through the same battle I am. Wish me luck