Deep Breathing is for me!

Discussion created by zaxa11 on Sep 27, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2020 by green1611

I don't even think about it now.  I just find myself doing it all the time.  It's so nice.   It's not only relaxing, it's extremely healing.  I can feel that clean air going through my body and just stopping wherever it's needed.  My friends were always telling me to take deep breaths.  I thought they were full of ....!  They weren't.  It truly is amazing.

I had a wonderful day at the Farmers Market yesterday.  I got some green tomatoes for frying.  Some PauPaus for ice cream.  Some flowers.  It was just really nice.  Never even thought about a cigarette.

Did when I got home though.  A Craving really hit hard.  Due to previous cravings, I gave it ten minutes and it went ALMOST down to nothing.  

My cat, Ms Muppet, really enjoys the clean air too.  The first thing she does, every time she comes up to me, is smell my hands.  She's making sure that SMELL isn't on me.  It's so cute.  We're going for a walk as soon as I find the right size box for some old files.  She loves her pink stroller!  One night she went up to it, about 1am, stood there looking up at me, looking at the stroller, looking at me..... There was no way, but it was sweet to know she enjoyed it so much.

 I hope you all have a great SMOKE-FREE day!

I'm in the double-digits now.  10 Days smoke-free!  I never thought it was possible.