Life is not a 'drag'!

Discussion created by zaxa11 on Sep 26, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2020 by maryfreecig

Life is busy but it certainly is NOT a drag!  Yesterday was a run here run there, run back here, go there, kind of day!  I apologize for not getting on here long enough to tell you I am still smoke-free.  Day NINE!!!

I sleep like you wouldn't believe.  I'll be sitting here watching a movie, and all of a sudden, two hours is gone with a 'nap'.  And I do that at least twice a day plus sleep pretty good at night.  Is that part of quitting?

I have a busy day today too, but I hope to get back on here later...especially to congratulate that one person on their week.  I really never thought I would make mine.  But you guys are awesome!  That's how it works.

I have a friend who wants to quit smoking, and I tell her about this site, and she comes up with excuses that are just downright lame, for not getting on here.  Drives me nuts.  Apparently she's not ready to quit yet.

Anyway, my ride will be here shortly to take me to the Farmers Market, so I have to go.  Got to get trash ready to go out.  

Thanks again everyone!