One Week Today!

Discussion created by zaxa11 on Sep 24, 2020
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1 WEEK of Non-Smoking!!!

It's been a hard week too.  The panic attacks, the anxiety, the cravings...almost caving a couple of times.  It's been very


But you guys have made it possible.  Thank you so much.  I have a friend who's taking me out for an ice cream cone to celebrate.  And I'm making crock pot chicken with home-made egg noodles and biscuits!  Real heart healthy! lol

Deep breaths has been the key for me.  I don't just do them when I'm craving now, I do them a lot.  And I find that I'm a little calmer than usual despite being without cigarettes or vape.

Exercise is next but I have to keep a handle on this quitting smoking.  I saw one person who had 46 days.  I can see that it  would be a number doable for me, and then to lose it.... how heart-breaking.  I've got to keep an eye on the smoking.  Never I will be coming here a lot and boring you all with my fears.

Thanks for being there,