My Past Life

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Just doing something to stay busy for a bit. I was thinking about this last night and wanted to document it so I knew almost exactly how many and how much time I wasted per day. Just thought I'd share so everyone that has set a quit date realizes that smoking is such a waste. I can't preach too much because I am only on Day 3, but at least I have 2 days of freedom!!!

  1. Wake up 6am, let the dogs out-smoke
  2. While letting makeup dry-smoke
  3. All ready to go to work, let the dogs out one more time-smoke
  4. Get in car, 1/4 mile down the road-smoke
  5. After leaving the carry out where I just bought a pack of cigarettes, 5 hour energy drink, and a mountain dew-smoke
  6. Half way point of expressway-smoke
  7. Off expressway-smoke
  8. Almost to work-smoke
  9. Break 1030a-smoke
  10. Break 1200-smoke
  11. Break 230-smoke
  12. Leave work 4:00-smoke
  13. Half way to e-way-smoke
  14. On e-way, half way mark-smoke
  15. Off e-way-smoke
  16. Almost home-smoke
  17. Let the dogs out-smoke
  18. Finished making dinner-smoke
  19. Finished eating dinner-smoke
  20. Watch some tv, take a short nap, wake up-smoke
  21. Put in laundry-smoke
  22. Do dishes-smoke
  23. Walk around the yard looking at flowers/plants-smoke
  24. Get ready to take a shower-smoke
  25. After shower-smoke
  26. Take dogs out-smoke
  27. Go to bed, "nooky" time-smoke

****And who knows how many extras may have been between these documented for sure times. Here I thought I only smoked a pack a day, but I was over that!!! Probably a pack and a half at least!!!! This actually helped me more then I thought. It was an eye opener that's for sure!!! At least 2 1/2 hours a day spent on smoking!! This is all just stupid!