10 1/2 Years

Discussion created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Sep 21, 2020
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I just came home from the cardiologist. My heart is 100% AOK! All I have is high cholesterol.

My COPD is being managed well. I use 3liters O2 24/7. Still I can hold down a job and adore my family.

Miss Penny is now 4 and Tahlia is 3 - my goodness, how they have grown! Their dad is 34 and his brother is 39. All healthy, happy, and prosperous. 

I smoked for 20 years - soon I'll be celebrating 20 years smober.

Life is amazing Smoke-FREE!

The first week is He!!

The first 120 days are challenging.

Even the 1st Year only has a 6% achievement rate. 

But the 2nd Year has a 2% failure rate! 

And it gets better and better -

Living Life on Life's Terms! 

Keep stacking those Days of Freedom 

Freedom does Feel so fine!