Cigarettes Not Smoked

Discussion created by minihorses on Sep 19, 2020
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As most of you know we measure statistics of our quits by the amount of cigarettes not smoked and by the money not spent on them. My husband is a 'numbers' type guy since he was a helicopter and fighter jet mechanic. He has been the manager of the machine shop where if the metal parts are off by even a 10,000th of an inch it has to be remade. So I told him how many cigarettes I hadn't smoked and he decided to figure out some different metrics that blew my mind.
So here's mine:

I'm 2 years quit and that is 14,600 cigarettes I haven't smoked. I used to smoke 100s lengths.

14,600 cigarettes equals 73 cartons

If a carton of 100s is about 4" tall 73 cartons is a stack almost 24' tall!

If a 100s cigarette is about 4" long that's a line almost a mile long (9/10 ths) if laid end to end.

For me that's another great motivator and something to be proud of as I add more miles and height every day. I think it would be cool if you calculate yours and share them here. Even one cigarette has a measurement so post it and be proud!