6 more days

Discussion created by kicrab107 on Apr 1, 2013
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My quit date is April 6th. So far things are going as planned. I ahve been reducing the amount I smoke by 2 cigs a day and ithas been easier than I thought. today I am at 8 cigs and only smoked 9 yesterday.

When I made plans to take next week off, I hadn't made plans to quit, but it made sense to paln my quit to coincide with my vacation as it will give me a chance to get some time under my belt before returning to work. there are no plans set in stone for next week, no schedules to meet and I am hopeful this will reduce the amount of stress that i have.

I know there will be many challenges in the coming weeks/months and I will have to learn to adapt.

May God give you the strength to make another day smoke free!!

There is no ability like adaptability.

Have a blessed day!!