Quitting is hard hard hard

Discussion created by Kandy77 on Sep 14, 2020
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Hello all, my name is Kandy not Jimmy...... I was not thinking that my username would be a blog name lol So please call me Kandy.


So my quit day was August 29th. But wait no praise just yet..... I have slipped several times... So I am so disappointed in myself and want to know would you change your quit date and if so why? If it was only like 4 cigarettes total since my quit date? I am noticing also that it is very hard for me to get settled. It's almost like I alll of a sudden have ADHD and please no offense to anyone because my 8yo daughter has ADHD. My fiance and family are trying to help support me but I feel like they do not truly know how nor understand like y'all do. I am very glad to be on this site and have seen very helpful things. I just really need some more encouagement or I will fail at one more thing in my life. Sorry to ramble guys I am just really feeling down today yet hyper and wide awake at 9 pm after being up since 5am CDT btw. I appreciate your support and please give me some thoughts on the quit date question.