Smokefree always ~ H.A.L.T.

Discussion created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Sep 8, 2020
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This may be an A.A. Slogan BUT it definitely applies to all aspects of LIFE and it sure applies to our quits, I've been EXtremely busy more so than normal and even yesterday although I was only visiting I was totally worn out when I got home, I drove a half hour to help my 56 year old sister pack up to go to a rehabilitation center for a few days I've mentioned her before she's had a couple of neck surgeries in the last 4 years the first one was 20 some years ago anyway she's pretty much in a wheelchair so I'm praying they'll keep her awhile and be able to help her to walk! Then I visited my Mother in law then my Dad then back home to get some of my own stuff done I'm waiting for my 11 year old grandson Mason this morning to spend the day   he's a  bright spot in my life school starts here tomorrow and that's scarey! I also have an eye appointment today first one since Covid started anyway when it comes to H.A.L.T ~ hunger and tired can get me hummm sometimes anger BUT let's always take a deep breath and H.A.L.T.......