On A Personal Note

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I do miss so many of you here!!  Life has been interesting, challenging, fun, and exasperating as of late.  I drove Jake to USM on August 7th...both happy and sad about that!  But he's doing so very well and I'm an extremely proud mom   I did have to get a second job to help pay the out-of-state tuition so I've been busy but blessed to have found a second job I love as much as the first.  I've taken many trips to Dothan recently as the 2009 Subaru I bought has some issues that they'll fix as long as I'm under my 90 days   But it's an hour and a half drive each way and I'm alone now so I have been learning how to crack myself up.  No boring drive for me!!

Still working from home but blessed to be working so I can't complain.  I haven't been out to eat since early March.  Again, just learning to make interesting meals and trying not to complain.  I've gotten into a good physical activity mode and have lost 10 pounds.  Sitting at home can really make one inactive and sluggish....well, sitting at home made ME inactive and sluggish   I'm better now and feel more like myself.

I think that's about it.  I didn't want you to think I just went away or even slunk away smoking.  No way!!  Just making a new life out of the new circumstances.  It's going well, I think.


I know I missed so much here so if you'd like to fill me in on your life, I'd love, love, love to hear from you!!!