September 2020: Welcome new members!

Discussion created by Mark Employee on Sep 1, 2020
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The September Quitters have arrived!


There are always new members joining the community. A portion of those new members haven't set or haven't synced their quit date to the community so we can help celebrate your milestones.  


I'll be welcoming our new members and encourage you to get your quit date set and synced to the community so we can help you celebrate when you hit those milestones.


Set and Sync Quit Date

To get started you'll need to do the following:

  1. Set your quit date on your Set Your Quit Date | Guides & Tools | BecomeAnEX  (or make sure it's set if you aren't sure.)
  2. Log out of the community by clicking this link.
  3. Then log back into the community to sync it.
  4. Look at your profile and confirm your correct date is showing.


When you log back in it will sync it over so it appears on your community profile. If your quit date is synced and you've indicated how many cigarettes you used to consume before you quit(update it in your community profile, otherwise we assume 20/day), your Quit Stats* will calculate how many days you've been quit and how many cigarettes you've avoided.



Be sure to check out our Getting Started Guide to learn about how to do other things on the site.



EX Community Manager