This is my 11th year

Discussion created by Susan57 on Sep 1, 2020
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This is the 11th year being smoke free and still pinch myself that I’m smoke free


this was the hardest journey of my life and this is the best thing that I ever did. When I see the young people smoking or vaping I say to myself “they will have to stop someday”. 

I began smoking at a young age and this continued for 45 years give or take a few years. I could not imagine living a life without a lighter or ashtray and wondered what non smokers did?


at 57 years old I decided it’s time to stop smoking. So, on September 1st 2009 is actually day one and from there on till today “smoke free”. This was not easy, nicotine is one of the most difficult habits to stop so what I did was eat, what I like the most, egg noodles, spaghetti, and chew lots of gum. Once the habit is licked I can diet to-get rid of the extra weight, in which I did. I forget when the day of knowing the habit is now behind me but what I can tell you is I do not ever think about smoking and I’m glad I took the time to stop this nasty habit.


another site that helped me is, there are loads of information there, this site was my all time go to site because everyone was on the same ride with different experiences that was helpful to me.


good luck on your journey, stick with it. Oh yes, when I stopped smoking I quit “cold turkey” and this has to be the most difficult, if I did it you can too. God Bless you.