Chantix & Battling the Moodiness

Discussion created by Tricia856 on Aug 30, 2020
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This is my 2nd go-round with Chantix. I was smoke free for a few months (after 48 years of smoking) when, in 2018, my life came crashing down on me. My old friend nicotine got me through the breakup of a 13-year relationship, the sale of my house, moving to a new place alone, and my job being eliminated. But now it's 2020. I've discovered that I actually enjoy living alone (with my two cats ), I love my home and new neighborhood. My best friend of 54 years lives directly behind me and during this damned pandemic, we've walked every day which has resulted in a weight loss of 31 lbs! I've got a new job that I love. 


So, life is good. I knew it was time to give up the smokes. The only purpose they were serving was just feeding a habit and draining my bank account. So I called my dr. and he prescribed Chantix again. I knew what side effects to expect  - nausea, mild headaches, and crazy vivid dreams. What I didn't see coming was depression, this blah feeling that sidelined me for two weeks until I realized what was causing it. I had no motivation to do things that I always have enjoyed. I stopped going for walks with my friend, I didn't want to talk to family,  not even my son. I'm an organized neat freak yet dishes piled up in the sink and cat fur collected on the carpet. I'm embarrassed to say that I didn't even shower for days on end and brushing my teeth seemed like too much effort. 


I  knew I was really down and last week it hit me - the only change in my life had been starting the Chantix. So I Googled the side effects and am sure that was it. I have not stopped taking it. Instead, recognizing that was the issue helped me realize that I just had to push through the inclination to allow this moodiness to take over. I made myself take a long walk in the forest preserve and when I got back, I did the dishes, laundry, and vacuumed. The next day I joined my friend in a walk and kept myself busy. After a week, the blahs have lifted and I'm happy again. 


It was really hard but it was worth it. I was proud that I  didn't smoke during that time. Chantix is a mixed bag. I will finish the prescription. Some can quit cold turkey. I salute you. Me? I need the extra help that Chantix provides, despite the side effects. 


I freely admit that I love to smoke and I miss it so bad. I probably always will.