Quit smoking but got hooked on Juul

Discussion created by hg17 on Aug 30, 2020
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Hi All,

I am new to this group . I am hoping to hear from Ex Vapers , soon to be or struggling to be ex vapers !

Sooooo I thought when I quit smoking cigarettes and only juuled , I was no longer a “ smoker “! I thought vaping was the answer to my prayers . No more smell, hiding , cronic sinus infections , could Juul indoors with my tea in the morning & glass of wine at night ( really a big deal , especially being home more now with COVID pandemic ) , didn’t have to find the “ smokers shame “ designated area ; the list goes on .

Im the past few months I’ve noticed I’m getting more sore throats and sometimes heavy feeling chest , more fatiqued etc . Things I associated with cigarettes and not vaping . 
I read someone’s post that giving up their Juul was like “ giving up their friend” . That truly resonated with me . I have read Allan Carr’s book numerous times. I guess I just never thought nicotine was really a big deal ( I know that sounds silly).... I told people and myself it was way better than the tobacco and chemicals added to cigarettes . 
I honestly have no desire to return to smoking . Don’t like the smell of it and it’s been almost 2 years . I do think it’s time to get started on quitting the Juul .

Any suggestions , advice or thoughts on my post would be greatly appreciated . Thanks