Day 4 - Geez!!!!

Discussion created by Jen_819 on Aug 28, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2020 by elvan

Day 4 has been a pain in my butt!! I had it in my head that Days 1-3 would be the hard ones and when Day 4 rolled around it would be easier. Well I think, for me, Days 1-3 beat out Day 4 because I have had such a strong urge all day! I haven't been able to come here as much as usual because I've been busy here at work, which is good because I have been on the phone and can't leave my desk. It hasn't been a bad day, just busy. I haven't caved and still practice NOPE! But man, today can kiss off!!!!! Maybe it's because it's Friday and the weekend was usually full of a couple adult drinks, relaxing, and of course good old Marlboro. Well not anymore, I have a basement to organize hahaha!


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