I am Ms. Teary Eye Today!

Discussion created by Jen_819 on Aug 26, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2020 by RoseH

Day Two for me and I am getting teary about EVERYTHING!!!! Whether someone says something nice to me or someone talks about me behind my back and I hear them (funny thing is it is dudes. The dudes I work with are so caddy) Part of me wants to give up on the work day and just go home so I can cry if I want. I can't let these guys ever think they have got the best of me!!!!!!! But the struggle is real right now! I am not going to smoke, but I may hurt their feelings soon hahaahaha. Just needed to vent quickly. Is this where I should be doing this? Or is there a better spot for my nonsense? Have a great day! I have my cinnamon and Vitamin water to hopefully hold me back from jail time haha j/k.