Are You Highly Sensitive?

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Be Good To Yourself


Do you know about the book written by Elaine N. Aron, Ph.D. entitled “The Highly Sensitive Person”.  It is a bestseller and it tells us how to thrive when the world overwhelms us.  I was and still am hardest on myself.  I always treat others better.  It was so comforting for me to know that I am ok.  God doesn’t make inadequate people.  We just don’t understand why we think and feel like we do.  It is ok for us to learn to accept and be kind to ourselves!  Let’s help each other...


Quitting smoking is difficult.  We give it “our all” to be successful!  Once we are “Quit" [the Addiction to Nicotine],  we should take better care of ourselves!  Click on the link below to practice self-love.  We all truly do deserve it...


What will you do today to learn how to begin more self-love?  If anyone is interested, we can start a group here so we can help each other...  I am tired of feeling alone, aren’t you?