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 and good morning to everyone here - MY TOOL KIT is filled with the SUGGESTIONS given to ME by other's here years ago - in the BEGINNING - stay close and blog BEFORE I take that first puff over ME - wait for the HELP to come - next TOOL SUGGESTED - educate MYSELF ONLY - on MY nicotine addiction - to read all information EX offers and to complete MY profile here - next TOOL SUGGESTED - go to and watch videos on early deaths from nicotine addictions - these video's offered by family's that watched their love ones die from nicotine addiction HOPE to HELP those suffering from NICOTINE ADDICTION will become NON SMOKERS - next TOOL - this one is a PERSONAL CHOICE - to get a knowledge that I am NOT God in other's recovery from nicotine - to offer SUGGESTIONS that were given to ME - freely - to keep adding - NEW TOOLS TO MY STAYING QUIT TOOLS - I have MY spiritual tools - please I am talking about ME not anyone else- I am a believer in 1 Corinthians chapter 15 verses 1- 4 - the free gift of eternal Salvation offer to the whole world in the Bible and SUGGESTED TO ME - to read it for MYSELF and believe it in MY heart - next SUGGESTION -to remember and state -  please take what HELPS and let go of the rest - to be HELPFUL is MY only aim - thank you - in MY recovery I keep adding other's - SUGGESTION TODAY - their NEW ideas and NEW ways to live in MY moment's of MY day - an example - I run into a person TODAY who is using nicotine to cope - I am no longer jealous - they get escape their life for 2 minutes - I tell MYSELF the truth - they are SUCKING ON CANCER DEATH STICKS and ONLY by God's grace their go I - the TOOL I GRAB  - is a slogan and say it out LOUD - N.O.P.E. - SINAO - NeverTakeAnotherPuffEver over ME - then I come here and blog BEFORE I take that first puff over ME - in MY TOOL KIT - I remembere to eat something and drink something and take a break by going for a walk or jumping up and down when a crave hits and to have quick GRAB snacks to fight urges - like drinking tons on water to flush MY body of toxins built up through the YEARS of SUCKING ON CANCER DEATH STICKS - I have celery and yogurt pretzels and lots of LEMONS - I pray to STAY a non smoker ONE day at a time  and when I get twisted in MY FELKING THINKING and tested in MY FAITH - by hearing the different stages of MY Ma dying week by week in hospice stages -  I bite into that LEMON - with its PEEL still on -  which brings ME back into MY moment and I come here and blog about MY FEELINGS and STINKING THINKING about what's happening in MY DAY and not 40 years ago - just SHARING- the TOOL KIT that OTHERS HELPED ME to learn and grow and to let MY Daddy God HEAL ME inside and out and put to HELP the next suffering nicotine addict to HOPE and start heir OWN personal TOOL KIT in MY Lord Jesus name amen - hope your Monday - August 24, 2020 -  is good