Daggum urges

Discussion created by DonnaMarie on Aug 20, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2020 by elvan

I was sitting on the deck, working on a small sewing project and getting ready to call a friend - just hanging out. Yesterday, I was out there potting plants and left one of the older pots on the table. I caught a glance of that post just now and BOOM! Urge. 


I think it was because I used to use those clay houseplant pots as ashtrays. It was taunting me ever so lightly and I fell for it. I did not smoke and will not smoke, but I do keep thinking I'm past this urge business. It appears I am not. 


I came in and made a peach/milk/ice smoothie. Refreshing and the furthest thing from a cigarette there is without busting the calorie bank. 





Day 612