Can nicotine lead to other addictions?

Discussion created by Marigene6266 on Aug 19, 2020
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I had a random thought during a long sleepless night and decided to ask for opinions. I know that there are some drugs that are considered "gateway drugs" leading to seeking stronger , more potent drugs. I don't know if research has been done regarding nicotine or what it might or might not prove. I'm not interested in research by experts, I'm curious as to what those who are not experts think. I think that nicotine can lead to other additions  especially for those who quit, we are often searching for something to replace that "high" that nicotine give us. We try to do it in a healthy manner but can  fail. I also believe that any addiction no matter what that addition is indicates that the person has the personality to become an addict. For this reason, I have long avoided taking prescription pain killers any longer than absolutely necessary after an injury or surgery. Thoughts? Opinions?