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Discussion created by DonnaMarie on Aug 12, 2020
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I've mentioned before how a member of my family has a fairly severe case of COPD (and lives with us) and still smoke. It disheartens me every single time I see them go outside to smoke. In the very, very beginning, I wished I could go along, then it grossed me out, and now I'm not sure what I feel. I've talked to them about quitting and it's not even a concept or a plan for them. 


I read about COPD and it sounds like the first order of business to keep it from progressing is to, guess what, quit smoking. Why wouldn't you? Have people accepted that they've already "got it" and don't want to add the stress of quitting to their lives, even with the benefits?


I know the answers. I've quit 100 times. Each time was "the" one. And 99 of those times, I had just one cig and boom, I was a smoker again. I had meant to turn 60 and be a nonsmoker. But, I smoked at 60; I also had bladder cancer and was fighting through pain I've never had in my life before. What causes bladder cancer? Smoking is a huge cause. I guess I'm sort of the pot calling the kettle black. I did, though turn 65 less than a month ago and I'm a nonsmoker. I've done some damage, but seem to have stemmed the tide. 


Anyway, I digress. When I hear them cough every single day, so deep, so "juicy," so constant, so seemingly hard on their body, I just don't understand. 


I'm just venting. I probably know the answers to my questions. I just wish better for people I care about.



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