It takes guts to stick with N.O.P.E.

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Relapsing is the easy way out BUT only temporarily because at some point we'd have to bite the bullet and start at day one again and that would totally suck big time it takes guts to stay strong and stick with N.O.P.E! To make a long story short I've been waiting since the 3rd of March to see a specialist about a goiter on my thyroid I've got several polyps they're all growing I've had catscans done it's been over a Year since the last scan, one was 2.3 cm then just shy of an inch you can't see it by looking at me but I can feel it anyway I know I'm rambling and I want to scream PLUS for a split second I wanted to smoke after checking with my Drs office to find out he still hasn't sent the referral, 3 weeks ago I decided to check with the specialist that's when I found out  it was never sent grrrrr so I called my Drs office only to find out they were on vacation for 2 weeks so I called last Tuesday knowing they were back in the office the secretary said she'd get him to send it yeah right! I called the drugstore this morning to get my acid reflux meds filled only to be told I had no refills left grrr I also called my Drs office a couple of months ago for it to be refilled so that's also why I called my Drs office this morning to get the refill  grrr. I get it refilled once a year and get 3 months at a time I'm so frustrated right now I wasn't to concerned about the specialist at first because of the Covid shutdown back in the middle of March but over the last couple of months I could've possibly got in because things have opened up BUT that wasn't happening without the damned referral so it'll take me that much longer to be seen grrrrrrrrrr! BUT I won't be smoking over it or anything else that's happening because I don't do that anymore, always remember Vigilance is key to remaining Smokefree and besides relapsing isn't an option anymore.......