What's 600 days long and amazing to me?

Discussion created by DonnaMarie on Aug 8, 2020
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It is with great pride that I announce that my quit meter notified me today that it's been 600 days. That is freaking amazing for sure.


Lesson to new quitters - this is not my first quit, but I never gave up this time. I was in the hospital overnight and when I left the next morning, I never smoked again. I can't say exactly why I chose that moment to quit, but it might have had to do with being smokeless for 24+ hours without dying. So, never say never and keep the quit. It's so worth it. 


Thanks for letting me crow.


Last thing - the people here at Ex were and are one of my most valuable tools in my quit. If you feel like screaming, come here and do it. If you feel like smoking, come here and talk about it. Keep track of your days and watch them grow. Start out by keeping track of your minutes, your hours, and again, watch them grow. We're all in this together in more ways than one.


600 DAYS!!!!!   




Day 600