Picking my start date

Discussion created by rhope1979 on Aug 5, 2020
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Before I joined on here yesterday I had been thinking about quitting for some time now. So when I picked my quit date on here I picked for the 6th. After putting some more thought into it and looking over some other peoples comments and such, I realized I think I jumped the gun on my quit date. I don't feel prepared. I have now changed it out for another week and I think that will be plenty time to finish gathering myself up for this battle. Now rewind to two ago I had already started prepping myself with eating right, I joined the gym last week, and yesterday I bought my patches. I have already been plotting in my head how to handle the cravings and such. I've bought one of those diamond puzzles and a regular puzzle. I have some organizing that I'm wanting to get through to use for when I'm at home. At work I have my floss picks and I can take brief walks. When I am in my car I can sing, sit on my one had that I normally have a cig in, or call a friend on my Bluetooth. I just needed to get out what was going through my head and get it out.