Celebrate Yourself

Discussion created by Ralph1955 on Aug 7, 2020
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To celebrate my 2 year quit I gave myself a new look  After turning 65 in March (wow, really?) I did not want to turn into in my age so, New Color and grew a beard (that's got color too).  This is the New 65 LOL.

 All is well and life, as complicated as it is during this pandemic, is going along pretty good. I stay Hopeful that one day soon we can All get back to our lives and LIVE as we were meant to live; with no masks and surrounded by our families.  I think just as our journey as non smokers, that we are put in situations that Test Us Daily.  Nothing about this new world is Normal and each day we are stretched to our limits But, we are stronger than the virus and stronger than the people in charge who dictate what we should and should not do and a lot of the time They have no idea what they're doing.  I've always believed that to get over a hump we must listen to the experts and that's how I cope.  Our scientists are our saving grace and yes, they've made some mistakes but still know what they are doing.  I seek their advice and and listen to what they feel will keep me safe.

All of us have celebrated out quit Together and all of us will celebrate when we get back to where we were before all of this.  I hope you are all Safe, Healthy, Happy and Strong and continue to hold on to Hope.  

Love ya all,