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Willing to provide a testimonial?

Question asked by Mark Employee on Aug 4, 2020

Thanks for using our program. We're always looking to help new people and appreciate hearing feedback on how our program has helped you on your quit journey. Since this is the community, we often get comments on how the EX Community contributes to people's journeys but we want to ensure we're getting feedback on the whole program. Hopefully you've found the non-community resources helpful as well. This feedback will help us spread the word to companies and members who are looking to help their employees and members break free from tobacco products.



  • Tell us how texts, emails, and the EX Plan has helped you quit?
  • Tell us how helpful text, emails and the EX Plan was to your quit journey?



  • Send me a private message or an email with your feedback.
  • Record a video on your phone, tablet or computer and then share via iCloud or Google Drive with


EX Community Manager


Submissions may be used as marketing for the EX Program, a program for employers and health plans to help them see the power of offering a comprehensive quit-tobacco program to their employees and members. We will use with prospective companies through email, possibly in presentations, on social (LinkedIn and Twitter) and on our website.