Smoke or quit and have a heart attack

Discussion created by juliansmommy02 on Sep 30, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2008 by billie
My sister sent me to this site. She has been smoke free (cold turkey) for about 2 weeks now. Oh how I admire my baby sister for quitting. She has 3 kids, I have 1. My son hates that I smoke and I do too. Only one problem: I have been overly stressed at work (we fired half our staff, I am working 10-12 hour days!), school (I am a college student) and at home (SIngle mother). I went for a physical last week and my Dr. told me I need to quit stressing or I will have a heart attack but she recommended that I do not try ot quit smoking while I am under so much stress???? Could it be its my pacifier? I also dont want to gain any MORE weight and that is a reason I have not actively tried to quit. Any tricks or suggestions to help me get started? I cannot use Chantix - for medical reasons and Wellbutrion (Zyban) was ineffective. I know this is a psychological addiction but I am hooked. I am 32 and have been smoking for 19 years! I really need help before the stress and/or the smoking send me to an early grave and my son to an orpanage.....