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Discussion created by DonnaMarie on Jul 29, 2020
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I will not smoke.


I am super stressed right now and wonder how others are faring. My daughter is so freaked out by following 'the rules' with coronavirus and her dad and I try very hard not to make that an issue. It's not worth getting her upset nor having her be angry for days because we did something she thinks is dangerous. We went to my son's house yesterday. He appears to not be very good about following the rules, but no one knows but him what he really does as far as masks and cleaning/hand washing. At any rate, we went inside to get something he had bought for us and for me to go to the bathroom. When my daughter found out we had gone inside, she went ballistic. Now she is ignoring me, etc. 


This is not new. It's happened before. I soothed it over last time by telling her (and meaning it) that I'd require masks of people who come in the house. 


Anyway, when I get this stressed out about something that I supposedly did wrong, I think first of smoking. Yes, even after all this time, I think of smoking. I won't. It's not worth it. She'll still be ignoring me and will be on my case for smoking if I were to do that. 


So, just venting, I think. She's not a bad kid. She did nothing wrong other than over reacting. Again, nothing new. But I am spent, exhausted, and just plain tired of it all. 



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