Birthdays, mantras, determinations, oooohmmm

Discussion created by DonnaMarie on Jul 27, 2020
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I turned 65 a couple days ago. I know, I know. Some of you have been here already, but I haven't, so it was sort of remarkable to me.


I decided to give myself the gift of continued good (and maybe better?) health. That includes keeping up with my no-smoking mantras and making some decisions about eating and diabetes that can only help me. One of the things that ran through my mind was "I wouldn't put a cigarette in my mouth; why would I consider putting food that doesn't work for my diabetes in my mouth?"


That spoke to me.


I know for the first week of eating properly and getting blood sugars controlled and keeping them there will be like that first week of quitting smoking - filled with the "I did it!" and excitement of not smoking.  I am approaching this gift I've given myself with the same determination as quitting smoking. If I can be quit for 588 days, I can do anything.


Having said that, to all the newbies, if you can quit for one day, you can quit for 588. Do it for you and no one else. Bravo to all of you for making the decision to take Not One Puff Ever!


My sister got me this card for my birthday. Worth sharing!



Day 588