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Am I taking too much on at one time?

Question asked by ishphay on Jul 29, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2020 by green1611

Hello!  I'm new to the group today and hoping for a smooth as can be transition to being a permanently ex smoker and not go back to it again and again and again year after year.


About a month ago I decided I wanted to try and do what ever I could naturally to lower my blood pressure naturally and change my heart and lung health for the better. I meet with a cardiologist for the first time tomorrow to discuss whether I need any medication but I've found that high blood pressure can be caused by among other ways: smoking, binge drinking, caffeine, salty foods (too much sodium) and being overweight, which are my hurdles.  I had already begun an exercise program months ago and started a meal service program a few weeks ago with for heart healthy foods and to help get me to an ideal weight as well as cut the sodium and unhealthy fats.  I stopped drinking coffee daily and for now alcohol altogether in order to avoid temptations to binge, but mainly because I realize that now is the best time to quit smoking as well because coffee and alcohol wont be a trigger. 


Am I taking too much on at one time?  I'd like to look ahead and see a time where I can moderately with the exception of smoking which I'd like to be permanently quit.  Thanks for any thoughts or suggestions!


Already feeling the withdrawals.