3 Year Anniversary

Discussion created by 12Finally34 on Jul 21, 2020
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Hello to Everyone!!


Today I made 1097 days of not taking the first puff.  


I could not have done it without the help of the Ex community.


I was in despair when I first used this site.  I remembered those early days and afraid to set a quit day.  One of the members told me to just do it.  I stopped 4 days before the day I scheduled to quit.  


I used the lung specialist, her suggestions for following her program and the materials she gave.  The material lead me to the Ex-community.  


Before transition from this site to live meeting, I enjoyed reading the materials.  


Adam Carr's book helped me to surrender because of the two suggestion he said I must do.  The first, admit that I was addicted to nicotine and second, to re-brainwash my brain about what I thought cigarettes were doing for me.


Another tool that helped is using a God or a spiritual concept that I understood.  There were days that I was alone and I had to sit with me and my spiritual understanding.  


I use the book A Year of Miracles - "Meditation Written by Members of Nicotine Anonymous", it helps me to discipline my emotions when I want to smoke.


I don't come on the site much and I am hoping that will change.  


I refer this site to new comers who comes to our live meetings.


Be safe and happy


Carolyn formerly known as 12Finally34