The things we thought were true

Discussion created by Krack3rJack on Jul 16, 2020
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I had a conversation last night with someone that battles addiction daily, but unlike me, it's not nicotine.  It is food.  She has had life saving surgery and counseling to change her eating.  I have quit smoking.  There are many similarities in our experiences.  I guess addiction is addiction and thus, regardless of vice, carries the characteristics of addiction.  Rather than recap the whole conversation, I thought I would share some things that make us laugh now that we know how silly we were for thinking them.  Here are a few that had us reveling in laughter:


- If I cannot have McDonald's and Coke for breakfast, I will not make it through the day!

- If I cannot smoke before a plane flight, I may have a hard time breathing!

- I look cool with a cigarette

- Fast food really isn't that bad

- There are worse vices than cigarettes, it's OK that I am doing this

- Addict?  That's only for those that abuse illegal drugs and alcohol

- I wouldn't feel so lousy if I had only kept smoking!


These are just a few...please feel free to share any that you have.



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