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Discussion created by gail3 on Aug 16, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2008 by gail3
Bit of a setback today. But i've been taking my time. It's been 30odd years after all, getting bad. Gonna take some time to get better.

I've begun noticing triggers that I hadn't considered before. My boyfriend smokes. That alone doesn't affect me. What does is him getting ready to light up. He smacks the pack against his hand. That's one of a few habits that make me think about lighting up to join him. And the other night I could taste nicotine on his mouth. Great. Now i can't kiss him until he quits?

The big trigger that i find almost irresistable is hunger. Since i was 19 and had waitress jobs, i used cigarettes to not eat - because i was too busy working. Then i did the same at other jobs. Now whenever i'm getting hungry - which is often it seems - i think about grabbing a cig. This has been going on a long time. And i don't want to "ruin my appetite" by eating before a meal. But if i don't grab a bite of something, i'll turn to the smoke. I can't stand feeling hungry. I wonder if there's something I should take for that.