Step by Step

Discussion created by lisa-hamilton on Jun 7, 2008
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Hi everyone

I've been doing some step work and getting well-acquainted with addiction and it's principles once again. Haven't had an urge or thought of drinking in quite some time, but the smoking is reminding just how much energy one puts into addiction and keeping it satisfied.

Hmmm...satisfied. I am no longer satisfied with smoking. It isn't working for me. Our general plan is to quit and then do the steps, right? But I'm finding I need to take this one step by step, so I've started "the plan" on this website. I need to separate from smoking with calm rather than panic. I think the panic is responsible for the length of time it's taking me to actually quit.

Identifying triggers is interesting. There are so many. I smoking when I'm THINKING!!!, driving, talking on the phone, and so many other things.

Step 2 is next on my list -- believing a higher power can restore me to sanity. I do believe that. I've seen it in action some 10 years ago! I have been disconnected from spirit for some time and am glad to be getting back into the swing of prayer and meditation. Seems like I'm getting ahead of myself perhaps, but I know I believe.

So glad to be in this group!

God bless you all. I'm grateful.