The Daily Pledge JULY 2020

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If you’re new to this quitting experience, making a daily pledge is a simple but potent sticky that keeps you connected, not only to your quit but to this community whose members share your hope, your distress and support your desire to be free. We’re all on the same journey, just in different stages of it. And it’s a way to hold yourself accountable to be smoke/vape/chaw free. Freedom from this addiction takes work. And part of that work is something as simple as pledging to remain free on a day-by-day basis. And from many of our experiences, taking this day by day is the way to go. Thinking in term of a “forever quit” can be quite daunting. But taking it in small sips - just one day at a time - can make the journey easier to go down.


We encourage you to take this step, to pledge to remain smoke-free, vape-free, chaw, nicotine free. Just for today. JUST FOR TODAY. Grab the hand of the person before you and say yes YES, I’M HERE, I WILL DO MY BEST TO HONOR MY PLEDGE.


And hopefully that hand that you grab and the person who takes your other hand will spur you on to another nicotine-free tomorrow.


We in this community really do know what you’re going through. Because we’ve either been there and have passed the point of no return or are still struggling to get there. Our hands are strong because we share the bonds of overcoming this. Hang tight, hang tough and know that you CAN do this. Because so may of us have!





How to pledge: 

  1. Go to top of page and click the link for Latest Reply.Latest Reply
    Or you can go to the last page by clicking on the last page of the pagination links.Pagination
  2. Click on the Reply bubble and make your pledge to the person at the end and then offer your free hand to the next pledge.Reply
  3. You've made your pledge.  Come back tomorrow and pledge again.
  4. Check out this handy quit calendar to calculate your DOF!  EX Quit Calculator or check out My Quit Plan.

As you go through your day you know that you have these two people with you and all of you are keeping each other strong. How cool is that! 


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