muscle fatigue

Discussion created by brenda15 on May 10, 2008
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I joined a martial arts class almost two years ago and was smoking a little over a pack a day, after a few months of training I realized that I was the only one who stunk (smelled like cigs)and the only one who coughed through class> it was an Eye opener.It motivated me to Quit...and I did ...It was great I nolonger coughed through class I didnt smell bad any more and I could perform my moves with so much more ummmff. sadly i started smoking again several months later, I try real hard to not smell but I do cough again in class,,,I am working on another Quit..I try to remember how awsome and powerful I became after I quit .quitting is hard but the benifits are so amazing in ALL areas in a persons life....Its the difference of night and day in your workouts!!!! no smoking >>>no muscle fatigue>>>