715 days since I quit

Discussion created by Ralph1955 on Jun 29, 2020
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Well my friends I am almost at my 2 year mark and with all that's going on in the world and the daily struggles I have to deal with at home and at work, I just cannot believe that I just didn't say Frig It I'm Smoking.  I'll admit that I came close a few times when everything around me appeared Hopeless but, I made a promise to my dad on his birthday, July 15 2018, that I'd quit and Never pick up another cigarette again.  Quitting on dads birthday and making that promise is what kept me on track.  Now if I did slip up I would not only have disappointed myself but my dad as well who passed away last September.  Maybe a Promise to someone you love is a great way to stay focused; worked for me.

I know that I pop in an out of here but please know that I think of all of you and always feel thankful for your support, friendships and allowing me to vent from time to time.  You are all good for my soul.

With the virus running amok here in Florida and Florida becoming the epicenter of the virus I ask each of you to make a Promise to yourself and those you love to do what needs to be done to keep yourself and your loved one safe by doing what your local leaders ask of you and even if they don't.  I watch the news and saw that a family of 28 All have the virus because one or more slipped up, didn't wear a mask and didn't social distance. WE have to do our part even if our leaders Think it's just like the flu and will go away. It's not like any ordinary flu and it's not going away.  We've all made it this far quitting our habit and if we can do that we can stay healthy by following our own Rules for safety.

I'm going camping on Thursday for a 4th of July get-a-way and to relax and Yeah, have a lot of drinks but will still do what's right to be safe.  I wish all of you a great holiday weekend and I'll chat again when I get back.

Hugs and Safety,