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Am I right to be scared?

Question asked by Krack3rJack on Jun 28, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2020 by JACKIE1-25-15

OK...I'll admit it.  I am afraid.  I have not talked to anyone about it, so I am going to puke it here.  Just facts on what I am experiencing and how they make me feel.


Prequit info

- Smoked cigarettes with some unsuccessful NRT quits for 33 years 

- Diagnosed with anxiety and panic disorder in 2011

     - Coping techniques from a psychologist have served me well

- Diagnosed with Laryngeal Pharyngeal Reflex (LPR) in 2019

     - Taking Omeprazole once daily to control the acid 

- Was not liking the way I was breathing a month or two prior to my quit

     -  It was not awful, but it was not exactly pleasant 



- I quit June 8, 2020

- Since then, I have experienced the benefits of breathing easier

- I am also experiencing things that are scaring me: 

     - Abdominal gas that feels like a trapped burp until it is able to slip out

          -  Makes for very uncomfortable pressure

     - Feeling short of breath, but I believe I am breathing fine.  No panting, wheezing, or breathlessness

          - Scares me at times, but then I walk around a bit and use anxiety coping techniques or sometimes a burp comes               and the feeling fades away

     -  Sleep has changed and it scares me

          - Instead of 6-7 hours per night the I would get pre-quit, I am waking pretty much promptly at 4 hours

               - I get a feeling that I am short of breath despite decent inhale and exhale that is taking place

               - My heart rate increases as a response to this feeling

               - Sometimes I can use relaxing techniques and get back to sleep and sometimes I cannot

               - Today I got up, had some water, did a big blowout of my lungs just in case, but could not relax

               - Sinister thoughts of COPD creep into my head


     - Tightness in the throat

          - Sometimes I think it's anxiety causing a globus sensation and other times I think I am being overrun with                           phlegm.  

          - More sinister thoughts come to mind at times like am I having a heart attack, or heading that direction

          - I also realize it could be increased reflux and that my system is possibly in overdrive due the this sudden cold                  turkey change.


So there.  I said it.  I am scared.